MICE Business Conference

When booking for a MICE Group work with a Trusted Partner


Kitzbuhel is Rum Doodle’s home resort and when choosing a destination we are the absolute experts in Kitzbuehel and able to offer special arrangements here.

We do however our Groups services across European Lakes and Mountains destinations as we work closely with many partners and collaborate with Hotels etc across our chosen resorts.

MICE – Corporate Groups

If you are organising a Corporate Trip to the Lakes and Mountains, Rum Doodle work in partnership providing bespoke arrangements for your party.

From choosing the appropriate destination, making a choice of relevant accommodation, providing facilities to match your team’s needs and importantly utilising the time you have to the optimum amount.

Rum Doodle has strength and experience in putting together an Itinerary that will make your in-house organiser breathe a sigh of relief. 

When dealing with large parties all number of things can go wrong and parties may wish to have alternative plans, we have been successful in ensuring the smooth running of key meetings and an enjoyable time for your party away from work related activities.

It is vital that we work closely with your Project manager and we will provide our own PM to work through your required needs and recommend what will compliment those plans.


MICE Business Groups visiting Kitzbuhel have stumbled on a flagship location and with Rum Doodle, the Company to handle all arrangements.

There are many Hotels and specific Conference Facilities available for hire at both independent congress centres as well as Hotels with the capacity.

Rum Doodle have identified that Business Groups tend to pay premium rates and the negotiations happen IN SITU, so we work closely with our Resort Partners as well as visit various symposiums to work with partners across the European Lakes and Mountain Resorts that have similar facilities to Kitzbuhel

With our experience of making arrangements we look to offer value for money and expedite the time your staff and partners have in resort.

The first step is to contact us through our “Contact Page” and aly out what sort of itinerary that you have in mind, the size of your party along with dates. This will be a first stage to developing a bespoke stay and identifying the location for your team.

It is Rum Doodle’s pleasure to negotiate the best prices on your behalf and make sure that everything is planned to perfection, ensuring not just an escape from your natural environment, but a memorable visit as our guests to enjoy everything a resort has to offer.