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The cost of Assisted Living or Retirement in the Western World is becoming unaffordabl. If you are looking at options where the climate is good and the prices are extremely favourable then look toweards South Africa. It has become an extremely popular destination in what is now considered a suprisingly safe environment.
  • Variety of Options to Buy
  • Properties Incredibly Priced by Comparison to Assisted Living in Western World
  • High Demand for Rental in Retirement/Lifestyle Villages
  • Pleasant and Warm Living
  • Wide Variety of Sports including Golf in outdoor Lifestyle
  • Pensions and Savings safe from South African Tax
  • Secure Lifestyle Retirement Villages with 24/7 Security


South Africa boasts a diverse array of safari destinations and nature parks that offer unparalleled wildlife experiences. Kruger National Park stands out as one of the largest game reserves in Africa, home to the iconic Big Five and a variety of bird and mammal species[1][3]. Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, known for its unique Kalahari ecosystem, of…

Retirement Property For Sale in South Africa

Retirement property in South Africa offers several benefits compared to the Western world, particularly in terms of secure villages and prices: ## Secure Villages South Africa has a growing number of secure retirement villages that provide a safe and comfortable living environment for seniors[1]. These villages often feature 24-hour security, acces…

Retirement Villages South Africa

Lifestyle villages in South Africa cater to seniors seeking a change in living arrangements, offering a range of amenities and services tailored to their needs. These villages provide a supportive and engaging environment for seniors looking to enhance their quality of life during their retirement years. Here is an overview of lifestyle villages in…

Sport in South Africa

South Africa offers a wide variety of sporting options for visitors: – Soccer is one of the most popular sports, with the Premier Soccer League being the country’s top soccer tournament[1][2]. – Rugby is deeply ingrained in South Africa’s culture and history. Major rugby tournaments include the Currie Cup, Vodacom Cup, and V…

Featured Retirement Villages in South Africa

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