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Saas Fee is 1 of Rum Doodle’s Favourite Resorts in the World, we highly recommend this beautiful destination as a Premier Destination

Saas Fee


Saas Fee


46.1092081, 7.9294635



Saas Fee


46.1092081, 7.9294635


Saas Fee

Saas Fee summarised

  • Attractive ski resort with a car-free center
  • Highest revolving restaurant in the world (3,500 m)
  • Ideal alpine ski and snowboard conditions

It is a little dream when you see the Saas-Fee ski resort for the first time on your ski holiday: 13 four-thousand-meter peaks frame the cozy ski resort. Saas Fee has retained its naturalness despite the stream of tourists.

The beautiful, typical buildings form the stage for uninterrupted fun on the slopes around the local mountain Dom (4,545 m). In Saas Fee, people are still fully aware of their responsibility for the mountains. Cars have to stay outside. In return, you can take free ski buses to the last corners of the compact Saas-Fee and Saas Valley ski areas.

The possibilities in the Saas Fee / Saastal Ski area are almost unlimited . Fantastic, sunny slopes between gigantic rock formations – and that for all skill levels.

The Allalinhorn (4,027 m) offers a perfect entry into the Saas Fee ski area. With the medium-difficult, 9-kilometer valley run, the mountain offers one of the longest runs.

There are wonderful, sunny, wide slopes on the Fee Glacier right next door. Just below the mountain station, a large year-round snow park makes board acrobats happy, while freeriders let off steam a few hundred meters below on the Spielboden (2,400 m).

The Saas Fee / Saastal and Saastal ski area offers around 150, mainly medium-difficulty kilometers of slopes . Snow is guaranteed – thanks to glaciers.

Saas Fee

After skiing in Saas-Fee

After skiing in Saas-Fee, everything is definitely hot, but definitely not for a long time! The excellent cuisine in the numerous restaurants is now known beyond the Saas Valley.

The highlight: the highest revolving restaurant in the world is located at 3,500 meters. In “threesixty” you can experience the best cuisine, cool drinks and cool sounds in combination with the breathtaking view over the Saas Valley.

The Saas Fee / Saastal and Saastal ski areas also offer après-ski. There is always something going on in the umbrella bars, pubs and huts. And for those who like it quieter: in the indoor pool or on the wonderful winter hiking trails you will find relaxation after hard days on the slopes.

Saas Fee

Event tip: Race for hobby skiers

Of course, our event tip in a top ski area like Saas-Fee also has something to do with skiing: every year amateur racing drivers compete in the Allalin race at the beginning of April. Alone, as a couple or as a team, it goes down the 9-kilometer valley run from the Allalin, the – so they say – highest glacier run in the world.

Be there in the battle for time and the highest speed and experience numerous events related to this event in the Saas Fee ski area . By the way: if you go to the start yourself (skiing skills are of course a prerequisite!) You benefit from greatly reduced ski pass prices.

Saas Fee

Blog – 

The fifth and final destination on our ski safari through Switzerland is a place of records – one of the largest ice grottos in the Alps, the highest underground funicular and the highest revolving restaurant create scenes that shouldn’t get out of our heads so quickly. 

The mighty Fee Glacier and the incredible number of 18 four-thousand-meter peaks in the Saas Valley are enthroned above everything. In this weblog we give an insight into our experiences on the ski slopes of Saas Fee and answer the question of what makes this destination so special.

Skiing in Saas Fee

On our first day of skiing in Saas Fee we want to go very high, because we have heard that you can use the ski lift to go up to over 3,600 m. Our destination is Mittelallalin, where, in addition to the ski slopes, there is also the highest revolving restaurant in the world.

One of the ways we get there is with the highest funicular in the world, the Metro Alpin, which transports us to an altitude of 3,500 m. Once at the top, however, we cannot think of skiing directly due to the breathtaking view of the mighty mountains, but first enjoy the panorama, which also includes the cathedral, the highest mountain in Switzerland (4,545 m).

Only when everyone has been amazed enough do we set off to explore the ski slopes from the highest point of the ski area.

Saas Fee

Our favorite slopes in Saas Fee

Just imagine: a glacier like from a Himalayan documentary forms the backdrop, few to no extras (other skiers) on this sunny day in January and wide, perfectly groomed slopes.

We had the most carving fun on slopes 18 and 19, which can also be used in summer. On the upper section of the piste with the number 11 we catch the best view of the mighty Fee Glacier. In the associated 4-seater chair lift you can admire the mighty crevasses and outstanding ice formations on the way up.

The view from Mittelallalin is simply breathtakingly beautiful.

The Fee Glacier in all its glory from the chairlift.

We explore one of the largest ice grottoes in the world

After we have let off steam on the ski slopes on the Fee Glacier, we visit one of the largest ice grottos in the world. It is 5,500 m³, which corresponds to the volume of two Olympic swimming pools.

The ice in the ice pavilion is also Olympic old. During the ascent we reach layers of ice that are an incredible 2,000 years old. Numerous myths and legends also entwine around the formation of the glacier.

Ice figures and flowers frozen in ice line our way through the depths of the Fee Glacier and quietly tell their stories. For those who go to the ice pavilion, we recommend good shoes and a winter jacket, as the temperature inside the glacier is a constant -5 ° Celsius and you walk on ice.

Who would love to sit on this ice throne?

Myths and legends entwine around the inside of the Fee Glacier.

Ice skating at the foot of the Fee Glacier

And because, besides skiing, we just love all things that can be done on ice and snow, at the end of the day we borrow a pair of ice skates and do our laps on the ice rink. It is probably the ice rink with the most impressive view that we have ever had, because from here, on the edge of the ski resort Saas-Fee, you can always see the mighty mountain backdrop of the cathedral and the Fee glacier. The ice rink is also suitable for playing ice hockey and curling. We’ll do that next time!

On good days you can see as far as Italy here (Mittelallalin, 3,500 m)

On slope number 11 we come across cozy mountain huts, which invite you to take a little rest.

Travel tips for Saas Fee

Those who travel to Saas Fee can not only, but have to leave their car in the parking lot at the entrance to the village. The place is car-free, which we liked very much personally, as you can move around safely and comfortably on the streets.

This makes a walk through the authentic village center with shops twice as much fun. The only traffic that there is consists of the electric cars of the hotel companies, which pick up their guests from the parking lots and drop them off again.

Authentic and cozy – the village center of Saas Fee.

The après-ski mile is where people meet after skiing in Saas Fee.


Geneva’s international airport is only a 2.5-hour drive and a three-hour train ride from Saas Fee, making the Swiss resort accessible from anywhere in the world. Once you’ve arrived in Geneva, head to the train station, which is located in the airport terminal. Rum Doodle highly recommends travelling by train to Saas Fee, it’s extremely convenient, relaxing and affordable.

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