Wedding Arrangements

Wedding Arrangements for Lakes and Mountain Resorts

Wedding Arrangements

When you are searching to make wedding arrangements in the Austrian Alps look no further than Rum Doodle. 

We have experience working with Hotel and Event Providers to find the perfect location at a price to fit your budget.

Our Services include :

  • Accommodation Recommendation
  • Entertainment
  • Location Help
  • Caterers
  • Florists
  • Wedding Planning Specialist
  • Photographer/Video Professionals
  • Added Extras

Rum Doodle are based in Kitzbuhel and with that we are the experts in Kitzbuehel as a Destination Management Company, but so much more. 

Regardless of this if you are looking to make wedding arrangements for your special day, we work across Europe with some exceptional and stunning spots to allow for the perfect Wedding.

Whilst Rum Doodle are NOT a “Wedding Planning” company, what we bring to the table is Resort Expertise, so working in collaboration is what we do best and understanding specific bespoke requirements to negotiate rates and give the best recommendation is our skill.


Wedding Arrangements

So please fill in our Contact Form and give us an overview of what your requirements are with group numbers, accommodation needs, entertainment and budget and we will happily put together an outline quote.

Once acceptable, we will then work together with all involved to make sure that every need is met.

Wedding Arrangements

Rum Doodle have a variety of companies :

This enables us an ideal viewpoint to work together with suppliers whilst offering you as our guests the best understanding of resorts – pulling everything together in one place and expediting the costs.