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It would be very easy for Rum Doodle to provide links and give recommendations to our Luxury Clients, however, it is our job to put together bespoke arrangements based on individual needs.

Every Client has a different requirement and we are well aware of those special needs. As such, we are writing our proposal based on different criteria, but adopt an attitude that no request is too much.


Probably one of the most important factors is choosing a resort – Our VIP clients will be aware of certain destinations that are well travelled and choose based a lot on reputation and recommendation.

Of course, Rum Doodle are able to recommend these same places as we are working closely with Accommodation and Service Providers in each of these destinations, so when it comes to picking the best place to stay we are eminently capable of putting together your itinerary designed to fit your own personal requirements.

For a basic guide please visit our “Exclusive Villages” Category through the Link. Whilst we have attempted to highlight the “best of” selection, we certainly do not exclude other destinations as there are some remarkable properties spread across Europe that will offer some exceptional holiday options.

Rum Doodle are based out of Kitzbuhel and whilst we are experts in everything Kitzbuhel, our knowledge of Ski, Lakes and Mountain Resorts extends across Europe, more importantly our reach includes personal relationships with Destination Management Companies that are able to offer in depth knowledge of a Local Terrain.


Many Ski, Lakes and Mountain Resorts will have excellent facilities for the Luxury Traveller, as i am sure you are aware, there are a number of Private Suites that are kept off of the regular Marketing and we have an inside track into what is offered for VIP Guests.

This might include Private Nanny, Butler or Chef’s.

Where Rum Doodle feel we might offer a unique service is that we identify the needs of our guests for the entirety of their stay and are able to provide a “Private Travel Manager” to ensure your stay is optimised for your every request.

This will be an introduction to your Hotel Manager or Private Ski Instructor, arranging a Limousine to collect and deliver you to and from wherever your heart desires, and any number of special sourcing requirements. Food and Fitness are becoming more and more an important feature of any holiday, so whatever you need, you have our Private Travel Manager on hand 24/7 to deliver your request.


Luxury Holidays can often require a private accommodation and Chalet’s are hugely popular, often down to the Privacy.

 Just as resorts have progressed with excellent Hotel facilities, as have Private Chalets and this is an area that Rum Doodle have excelled in cornering a niche market. 

There are many factors involved in choosing such Chalets and as many are second homes rented out to guests when not in use, the owners may well keep these private from the online community. It is therefore imperative to use a specialist company that has an inside knowledge of resorts that are able to pick a place specifically for our clients needs and provide services that guests would need normally associated with Luxury Hotels.

Restaurants / Gourmet

As part of any Luxury Holiday, food is a vital component and we are well positioned with each destination to provide our guests with their own bespoke needs. The average traveller is now utilising the best restaurants both in the Village as well as on the mountain. 

We would prefer to go that step further and make sure that your selection is recommended as well as reservations not only for a particular venue, but that you get the best service and best table when visiting.

The destinations that we cater towards are also able to offer private catering facilities or a private Chef where necessary, as described previously, this is where a “Private Travel Manager” would make great use of their time both before and during your visit as we would carry out the necessary research to ensure all of the best locations and services are made available for your individual requirements.

Ancillary Services

  • Nanny/Childcare – Whether you bring your own or require “in resort” care
  • Private Ski Guide – It is important not to have “any” guide, but one that has a reputation of excellence
  • Private Chef – Where required we will attend to your bespoke requirements
  • Concierge/Private Travel Manager – Important for VIP Guests both on and off-site to arrange your bespoke itinerary.
  • Chauffeur/Limousine – Where required we will arrange all of your in-resort travel requirements
  • Private Air Transport – Quite often our guests are looking at a Private Jet to arrive in style, we will work with suppliers to transport you local to local where possible.


Just because you are a HNW/VIP does not mean that Rum Doodle take economy for granted, we are a firm believer in the value of products from both ends of the equation. 

Whilst our Luxury Travel department makes every effort to ensure you have your every desire met, we will also ensure just because you are at the higher end of the spectrum you attain value for the particular requirements you have.

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When making arrangements we will make reservations and recommendations for Restaurants and could arrange private chef's where appropriate.