Location: Czech Republic

In addition to the “golden city of Prague”, the Czech Republic offers a lot more for people interested in traveling – including an excellent selection of wonderful ski areas! Many low mountain ranges such as the Bohemian Forest, the Ore Mountains or the Giant Mountains promise pure winter fun. In the home of the “Rübezahl”, the Giant Mountains (Krkonoše in Czech) in the north of the Czech Republic, there are many opportunities for fans of snow sports. In the well-equipped ski centers you will find well-groomed slopes and cross-country trails as well as beautiful toboggan runs and winter hiking trails.

Why book a ski holiday in the Czech Republic?

In the Czech Republic you will find ski resorts for every level of winter sports. Whether skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing or hiking, you can do all these activities in a fascinating, snow-covered landscape. The Czech Republic is particularly suitable for families with children and beginners. Nevertheless, even advanced skiers and snowboarders will have fun on the excellently groomed slopes. Continuous improvements such as new lifts are also planned for the future.

Where should you ski in the Czech Republic?

There are numerous ski regions in the Czech Republic, in the Eagle, Jizera and Ore Mountains as well as in the two largest mountain ranges in the Czech Republic, the Bohemian Forest and the Giant Mountains (Czech: Krkonoše). The Bohemian Forest is located in the south-west of the country and extends over Germany, the Czech Republic and part of Austria. The mountain range measures 200 km in total. The highest point is the Great Arber with a height of 1,456 m, but it is on the German side on the German-Czech border. There are several small ski areas within the Bohemian Forest. You can spend your skiing vacation in places such as Frymburk, Kašperské Hory, Liberec, Lipno nad Vltavou, Mariánské Lázně, Stachy or Železná Ruda. 

The second largest and most famous mountain range is the Giant Mountains. It is the highest part of the Sudetes and is on the Czech-Polish border. The highest peak is the Schneekoppe at 1,603 m. Mountain lakes and stony rock edges are typical of this region. Modern ski lifts, well-groomed slopes and endless cross-country trails give you the opportunity for a successful ski holiday. Černý Důl (German Schwarzenthal), Pec pod Snezkou (German Petzer), Špindlerův Mlýn (German Spindleruv Mlyn) and the most popular winter sports center Harrachov (German Harrach village) are Czech ski resorts located in the Giant Mountains.

What else can you do in the Czech Republic?

It is worth trying the excellent Czech cuisine and enjoying the landscape on long winter hikes in the valleys and along the mountain peaks. You can also go on excursions to the most famous cities. Do not miss the most impressive city in the Czech Republic: Prague. Experience St. Vitus Cathedral, Prague Castle, Old Town Square and Charles Bridge, the historically most famous bridge that spans the Vltava. The capital is a real tourist magnet due to its timeless, impressive buildings, beautiful bridges and its international lifestyle. 

Liberec is the largest and most famous city in the northern part of the Czech Republic. It offers a number of attractions, including the botanical garden, the town hall and Ještěd, Liberec’s local mountain. If you want some wellness or if you are looking for action and fun, then visit the Babylon Center. The city is the perfect spot for a trip during your winter vacation because it is so close to the Giant Mountains. The university town of Budweis is the largest city in the south-west of the Czech Republic. You can reach Budweis from the South Bohemian Forest in less than 100 km. In addition to the town square, the Samson Fountain and the Black Tower, you can also visit the Budweiser Brewery, from which the world-famous Budweiser beer comes.


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