Location: Bulgaria

Bulgaria has a lot to offer: traditional houses and quaint alleys, rustic restaurants with excellent gastronomy as well as modern and action-packed ski areas with guaranteed snow that stretch across the country’s imposing mountain ranges such as the Rhodope or the Pirin. There is something for everyone. A wonderful combination of tradition and modernity awaits you in Bulgaria. Bulgaria should certainly not be underestimated as a winter sports destination. The mountains take up about 30 percent of the country, which makes Bulgaria not only a respectable, traditional tourist attraction, but also an excellent winter sports destination for young and old.

Where can you go skiing in Bulgaria?

The main ski destinations in Bulgaria are in the Pirin and Rila Mountains as well as the Rhodope Mountains, which extend to the gates of the beautiful capital Sofia. The highest peak of the Pirin National Park reaches 2,914 m and offers a breathtaking view of the surrounding mountains, where skiing is not only aesthetic but also a unique experience. At the foot of the Pirin Mountains is the Bansko ski area with its 75 kilometers of slopes and 14 lifts. The ski area is now one of the most important and most modern winter sports centers in Eastern Europe, where not only families but also sporty drivers get their money’s worth. 

But Bulgaria has much more to offer, such as the large ski area of ​​Pamporovo, which extends in the middle of a unique forest area. The ski area is located in the Smolyan region, which belongs to the Rhodope Mountains and is therefore one of the southernmost ski areas in Europe. With its 63 kilometers of slopes, it also meets international standards.

Why ski vacation in Bulgaria?

In Bulgaria you will not only find many attractive ski resorts, but also a large selection of hotels with different standards and prices, a diverse selection of après-ski options such as bars or traditional restaurants and some of the most famous health resorts in the country where you can just sit back and relax and relax. In addition, the mountains in Bulgaria also impress with their enormous variety of plant and animal species.

What is special about Bulgaria?

Bulgaria has a lot to offer: traditional houses and picturesque alleys, rustic taverns with excellent cuisine, as well as modern and interesting ski areas with high snow reliability, which are located in the country’s impressive mountain ranges such as the Rhodope or the Pirin Mountains. As the country was inhabited by different nations in the past, today you can find a unique culture, deep-rooted trade tradition, admirable cloth factories and wood carvings. A wonderful combination of tradition and modernity awaits you in Bulgaria.

How long is the ski season in Bulgaria?

The ski season in Bulgaria starts in early December and ends in May, so that the season lasts around 130 days on average in the low and high areas.


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