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Trondheim – Stunning City to view the Northern Lights and access local ski resorts, great for a city break with good Food and Hotels




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Trondheim – City of Culture

Where the fusion of history, arts, technology and green initiatives ignite a culture of innovation and rich tradition. Trondheim stands out with its progressive nature and vibrant city life, while still embodying its small town heart. It is Norway’s third largest city, with just over 200,000 inhabitants.

Did you know

Trondheim was once the Viking capital of Norway?

But even before the Pilgrims and the Viking Age, people were drawn to the region because of the seafood-rich fjords and vast mountains filled with wildlife and some of the most fertile soil in the country.

Norway, Trondheim

Foodie Capital of Norway

A worthwhile pilgrimage for foodies, Trondheim is the ultimate culinary experience. With a wide selection of local coffee shops, charming cafes, delectable eateries, and microbreweries, you won’t run out of options. There is a strong culture for mixing locally sourced ingredients with bright new ideas, such as Michelin Star restaurants Credo, Fagn and Speilsalen or farm to table fusions like Bula Bistro, Spontan Vinbar, Kraft Bodega, To Rom og Kjøkken, Røst Bistro, Kitchen and Table, Troll and Sellanraa Bok & Bar. Small and big game, lamb, shellfish, salmon and other seafood, and berries are all specialties from the Trondheim region.

Five Star Luxury

If you’re into a more luxurious experience, book a few nights stay at the newly renovated Five Star Britannia Hotel. Surrounded by elegance and plush design, you can enjoy a relaxing spa day and dine at one of several restaurants on the premises. With Britannia Hotel located right in the centre of town, you are within walking distance to many wonderful sites and attractions. Stroll through the colourful and charmingly picturesque neighbourhood of Bakklandet, stopping for the perfect photo opp on the Gamle Bybro (Old Town Bridge). Swing by Trondheim Kunstmuseum to admire the extensive collection of Norwegian, international and contemporary art exhibitions. Or do a little retail therapy and go shopping in the walking streets of Midtbyen.

Britannia Hotel Trondheim

Slip into the 11th Century

Soak in the rich history of the 11th century by touring the famed Nidaros Cathedral and witness its remarkable Gothic facade. The world’s Northernmost Gothic cathedral, Nidarosdomen is the national sanctuary of Norway, built over the grave of St. Olav. Saint Olav’s holy shrine in the Nidaros Cathedral has been an important pilgrimage site ever since the former Viking king Olaf II Haraldsson was canonised in 1031, and it is still a treasured destination for pilgrims from all over the world. The site that started as a simple wooden chapel over the saint’s grave evolved over time into a magnificent cathedral.

Fjords, Mountains, Forests, Northern Lights

Trondheim has it all. Situated on a fjord, Trondheim offers a vibrant city experience along with stunning natural surroundings. In winter, you can hunt for the dancing lights of the Aurora Borealis or go skiing at local winter parks like Vassfjellet Vinterpark. In summer, you can venture just beyond the city’s edges in Bymarka. This scenic area is ideal for hiking, mountain biking or cross-country skiing in the winter months, with an array of marked trails criss-crossing the reserve, leading to spectacular viewpoints, charming rest areas and cosy cabins offering food and refreshments. And if you want to venture out onto the fjord, take a boat trip to the islands if Hitra to taste some of the world’s best seafood.

Trondheim Northern Lights
2BF5BWT The Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) active over the Nidaros Cathedral in the center of Trondheim in northern Norway.




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