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Girona is an Italian city on a human scale with all the charm of a larger city.

Take a leisurely stroll through the old town, visit the museums and the historic buildings, wander through the streets and squares, and discover the tourist attractions, festivals, restaurants, cultural events, etc. Enjoy it at any time of year and, if you can, come back again and again!

This lively city will always hold something in store to delight you.

Historic City

One of the most interesting in Catalonia, the historic city of Girona invites visitors to trace its more than 2000 years of history through two fortified enclosures, the Força Vella and the Medieval Quarter. The Força Vella dates back to the Roman foundation while the medieval extension of the city walls was carried out during the 14th and 15th centuries.

The city’s artistic heritage has been preserved in the numerous monuments that have survived until today.

The highlights of Girona are rounded off by the impressive old Jewish Quarter or Call, with its beautiful streets and porticoed squares, and by the exuberant baroque spaces and Noucentisme-style buildings by architect Rafael Masó.


Girona has seven museums displaying a rich, diverse heritage of art and history ranging from antiquity to the present day, with a year-round programme of activities for young and old alike.

Live Culture

Culture comes alive in Girona. The city is restless, curious and very open to any different cultural events that artists and organisers want to present in this unique setting.

For this reason, every year Girona holds many festivals of music, cinema, visual and performing arts which bring together a large number of disciplines: jazz, street art, classical guitar, international theatre, amateur theatre, videos and audiovisuals, etc.

If you are a culture fan you cannot afford to miss the city’s regular programme of activities and its most outstanding events.

Shopping in Girona


In Girona you will find all kinds of shops, ranging from traditional stores to designer boutiques: prestigious international brands, avant-garde decoration, signature jewellery, crafts, antiques, delicatessen products and many others provide a wide variety of options that guarantee a pleasant shopping experience for one and all.

The main business district, where most of Girona’s shops and leisure centres are concentrated, runs from Carrer de la Barca in the historic centre right over to Carrer Emili Grahit in the more modern part of the city.

Shops are mostly centred around Rambla Llibertat, Plaça Catalunya, and the following streets: Ultònia, Calvet i Rubalcaba, Cort Reial, Argenteria, Migdia, Ballesteries, Creu, Santa Clara, Sant Francesc, Joan Maragall, Sant Antoni M. Claret and Bisbe Lorenzana. All the city districts also have their own shops that supply local residents.

Nature and Sport

Girona is a privileged place when it comes to natural heritage. Rivers flowing through the city centre, Mediterranean and riverbank woodlands, mountain ranges such as the Gavarres, the pretty valley of Sant Daniel, as well as fields, croplands and vegetable gardens in a landscape that has harmonised urban growth with the preservation of the natural surroundings.

Enjoy all this and more, just a stone’s throw from the city centre. Discover your active tourism activities in Girona!

Sports Tourism Destination

Girona has now become an ideal destination for practising sports. Every year, the city is chosen by numerous professional teams and sportspeople, enticed by the charm of the surrounding territory, the quality of the sports infrastructures, and the range of accommodation options and tourist services suitable for their requirements.

The sports facilities, together with the city’s attractive cultural heritage, its renowned cuisine, and the annual events taking place throughout the year, together make Girona a perfect destination for combining sports and training with a very pleasant holiday experience.

The award positions Girona as a tourism destination that meets the requirements of sportspersons looking for a suitable place to train and to improve their physical and technical performance.

Flavours of Girona

Girona is known for the outstanding vitality of its cuisine, characterized by a combination of traditional and avant-garde dishes, based on the use of local produce and time-honoured recipes.

The city has many restaurants offering a wide range of fare: Catalan, Mediterranean, market and signature cuisine. Girona gastronomy has now become an international model of quality, with Michelin-starred restaurants that include El Celler de Can Roca, proclaimed by the prestigious Restaurant Magazine as the Best Restaurant in the World!


Girona offers a wide range of options for enjoying the local nightlife all year round, ranging from friendly bars for a quiet evening drink to pubs, terraces, music bars and discotheques where the fun goes on until the small hours of the morning.

There are licensed premises all over the city, especially in the centre, concentrated on Plaça de la Independència and Plaça de Sant Feliu, and the surrounding areas. Chill out on one of the many terraces or enjoy the buzz of a trendy music bar. Thursday is the big night out for university students, always ready to start the weekend merriment ahead of time.



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