Category: Mountains

Our Lakes and Mountains Holidays give you a truly in depth analysis of resorts and activities. Rum Doodle are experts in recommending and booking the best options to make your trip memorable.

We use with an online booking engine for your immediate needs, however welcome your requests through our contact form to make your Mountain Holiday bespoke to your particular needs.

We will contact hotels or accommodation providers directly, not only to assess price fluctuations, but to find the best rooms and most appropriate places to suit your individual needs.

Rum Doodle are available to assist with Village specifics like ski or bike hire, lift tickets, professional services such as ski school as well.

We are basically available to your whim and offer our vast experience in providing you with local information that is unavailable through traditonal Travel Agency methods.

Exclusive Villages

Exclusive Villages will be at the higher end of the market. This is not to say there are not bargains to be had in more budget accommodation, but for the most part, these resorts are catering for the clients who are expecting Luxury. There will be high-end chalets and hotels with all of the accompanying benefits, often private chalets are available and much more. Expect the resort itself to be of the picture post card variety and the surrounding areas kept in pristine condition. These resorts are suitable for those who prefer the finer things in life and expect to get them.

Popular Resorts

Popular Resorts are the sort of places to go that will have a wide variety of activities, reasonably extensive skiing or mountain range and have a reputation that precedes itself. Normally they have grown over the years to become popular with the tourist community and thus cater for most needs without being too exclusive/luxurious. You may find a wide variety of accommodation and restaurants to cater for all needs and budgets.


Premier resorts tend to be a mix of something for everyone, but the key factor is that everything is available, these tend to be the most popular with our guests. They will tend to be larger resorts that have grown in stature over the years and able to provide an ecclectic mix of high end accommodation as well as some more economical places to stay You will also find a mix of VIP top end chalets and restaurants and excellent skiing all round. But just as much there will be fun for all.


Ski Regions have become increasingly important to the selection of your village resort. Rum Doodle look to inform our guests of the details relating to ski regions and the lift network correspondingly. We look to provide information on how many lifts linking resorts and how many km of skiing are available at different levels. Regions tend to be a more important factor in choosing the village that you visit. Generally you will find main or several main Towns within a resort, but they will come in at a higher price often, yet you will be able to use the same facilities and ski areas and enjoy your stay in a smaller village or further away from centre at a more economical price. Rum Doodle look to provide key information as many of these smaller resorts have some wonderful hotels with excellent facilities at a better price outside of the centre of town. Please enter your exact requests depending on your requirements and we will advise the best options and determine the best prices for your party with direct accommodation communication.


Our “Villages” recommendations are for those of you looking for a Family atmosphere normally on a tighter budget, maybe within reach of a larger Town and extensive ski area